Nnenna Franciamore, Ph.D

Independent Education Consultant
Supporting schools and families through professional development and workshops to increase student achievement and optimal child development.
Professional Development
Early Childhood Education
Parent Education
Parenting is a great task and parents need support throughout thier parenting journey. Parent engagement and parental involvement are essential for optimal child development and student success. Schools and community based organizations that provide parenting support through the form of parenting workshops, are truly partnering with families.
Educating children from birth through 6 years sets the foundation for their optimal development.  Young children educated outside of their home from as early as six weeks need to recieve high quality, resaearch-based early childhood care and education. Early childhood facilities and early childcare professionals need consistent training and support.
Professional Development is crucial for all educators, administrators and school support staff.  In order for students to thrive, they need skilled professionals guiding them throughout their school experience. Professional development opportunities specifically tailored to each school's particular needs, allows teachers to be reflective practionners and grow in their practice and delivery.
Parental Involvement=Child Succes (PICS) Program
Research shows that parent involvement is the key to student success. Epstein’s (2001, 2009) Parental Involvement Framework suggests the following six ways for parents to be involved in their child’s education: parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with community.  An application of these principles for the purposes of increasing effective parental involvement in urban school settings is essential. Each path to parent involvement provides schools with clear ways to engage their families and ultimately increase the success of their students, and provides parents with clear ways to get involved in their child’s academic success. Implementing the PICS program within your school is a comprehensive plan for increasing parent engagement.