Nnenna Franciamore, Ph.D

Independent Education Consultant
Supporting schools and families through professional development and workshops to increase student achievement and optimal child development.

About Me

Dr. Nnenna Franciamore
Nnenna has been an educator in the New York City Public Schools for several years and is an alumni of the New York City Teaching Fellows program. She is permanently certified and licensed as a Pre-K – 6 teacher.
Nnenna has had the privilege of an incredible educational upbringing. She began her schooling at the Nursery level in Nigeria at 2 years old, which provided her the academic foundations necessary to then go on to attend the top private school in Lagos, Nigeria where she spent Kindergarten through 9th grade. She then attended TASIS England, a private boarding school located in Surrey, UK, where she graduated from high school. She then made her big move to the Bronx, NY to attend Fordham University. She graduated with a dual degree in International Political Economics, and French Studies. It was her love for learning,  children, as well as her incredible educational experiences that led her to the classroom, and a Masters form Mercy College in Elementary Education.
Her vision in starting Solid Foundations Preschool, A family home daycare, was fostered by a desire to help students prepare for school through early educational training. She witnessed a lack of love for reading and writing, and a lack of appreciation for education in her years of teaching in inner city schools; thus her goal was to provide the building blocks required to allow every child the opportunity to create a foundation where they would become creative, secure, and confident individuals with a great love for learning. More importantly, as a mother, she clearly understood the plight of working families in the inner city who are looking for affordable high quality childcare where they can trust that their prized possessions will be nurtured and cared for in a safe and loving learning environment. During her work in early childhood caring for children  birth through 4th grade, she completed her PhD in Education with a focus on early childhood education at Walden University. Her published dissertation is entitiled Parent Perceptions of Character Education in Universal Pre-Kindergarten. She recieved the scholars for social change award in 2013 from Walden Univeristy for excellence as a scholar practicionner.
She is the mother of three children ages 8, 5, and 2 and also the CEO and founder of Solid Foundations for Healthy Families, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support families in the inner city through educational resources that will increase parenting skills and reduce parenting stress.
Her main goals as an independent education consultant are to:
To support school personnel and communities with increasing theirlevel of parental involvement and family engagement through professional development.
To support parents in being actively involved in their child’s optimal
development and school success through effective parent education.
To integrate the various paths of parent involvement within schools by providing valuable resources to school staff and families.
To transform early childhood programs into highly effective environments that prepare children both academically and social-emotionally.


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