Nnenna Franciamore, Ph.D

Independent Education Consultant
Supporting schools and families through professional development and workshops to increase student achievement and optimal child development.
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  1. Professional Development for Teachers
    Teacher training that is tailor suited to meet the needs of the teachers within a school community. Sample topics include but are not limited to the following: Engagement, Differentiation, Assessments, Management, Collaboration, and more.
  2. Parent Education
    Providing Parents with support through workshops. Increasing parental involvement in schools by helping parents to be actively engaged, through empowerment, volunteering, supporting learners and home, and advocacy.
  3. Early Childhood Programming
    Supporting early childhood programs with program design, curriculum development and teacher training.
  4. School Wide Initatives
    Fostering school wide initiatives, such as increasing parental involvement, creating a family friend.ly school, community learning., and common core.
  5. Professional Development for School Support Staff
    Training Para Professionals , School Aides, Parent coordinators, deans, school social workers, to utilize their roles to make great impacts within their school community.
  6. Learn and Play Groups
    Supporting parents of young children with how to design and host playgroups within their community that will foster optimal early childhood development.